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  5. "Do I have a blue scarf?"

"Do I have a blue scarf?"

Translation:هَل عِنْدي وِشاح أَزْرَق؟

September 8, 2019



When do i use azraq,and when to use zarqa?

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Azraq = masculine "blue"
Zarqá' = feminine "blue"
The same rhymes with the rest of colors.

أحمر (red/m) حمراء (red/f)
أصفر صفراء (yellow)
أخضر خضراء (green)
أبيض بيضاء (white)
أسود سوداء (black)

These are the main colors. Other colors that are derived from names (e.g. وردي - pink - which is derived from ورد - roses), such colors are changed to feminine by adding ta-marbúta ة only (وردي - وردية)


How do we know if a scarf (وشاح) is masculine or feminine? what about the rest of the clothes?

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There is no single rule for specifying the gender of the noun in Arabic as it is in, Spanish, for example. However, I can say that if the noun ends with Ta-Marbúta ة there is a big chance that it is a feminine noun. Memory, I'd say, is your first aid in this matter (probably as it is the case with genders in German or Russian, but in Arabic it's simpler).


Thank you for the words, its' very useful ahead of the lesson.


Who else completed the lessons where you select one true of three answers by the patterns of the answers instead of translating? This doesn't teach you the language, but once you figured out it is impossible to go back.


I did that a few times, but now I stop and read each sentence completely now that I've figured that pattern out, just for better retention.


I'm remembering Azraq is blue by thinking of Azure, which is a shade of blue.

Also, think "Côte d'Azur" in French

Hope that helps!


This is a great method. In my language Azraq sounds like "to throw" so I think of someone with a blue eye because something was thrown at them.

And BuNi has two of the letters from BrowN.

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