"Do I have a blue scarf?"

Translation:هَل عِنْدي وِشاح أَزْرَق؟

September 8, 2019


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When do i use azraq,and when to use zarqa?

September 8, 2019


Azraq = masculine "blue"
Zarqá' = feminine "blue"
The same rhymes with the rest of colors.

أحمر (red/m) حمراء (red/f)
أصفر صفراء (yellow)
أخضر خضراء (green)
أبيض بيضاء (white)
أسود سوداء (black)

These are the main colors. Other colors that are derived from names (e.g. وردي - pink - which is derived from ورد - roses), such colors are changed to feminine by adding ta-marbúta ة only (وردي - وردية)

September 8, 2019
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