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So I found my favorite tv show in English, but in Indonesian dubs. Will this at all help me in any way with my Indonesian, or no?? The show in question is Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, so it probably isn't too advanced. I am just not sure, as I do want to practice my Indonesian!! Thanks so much!!

September 8, 2019


Bahasa Portugis??

Sorry, I don't speak Portuguese, only Spanish.

[deactivated user]

    Buenos dias mi amigo.

    I see you quite a lot in this Indonesian forum. I really appreciate that you want to learn my language.

    Is it gonna help?

    Ya, saya rasa. Hanya saja anda benar-benar butuh mengekspos diri anda seluas-luasnya terhadap budaya kami. (Yes you can, but you really need to expose yourself as much as you can to our culture).

    I meet a lot of Dutch who would say You, or Tu, as Kamu. Well, it can be accepted since you are foreigner. Why not, right? I mean, thank God finally someone wants to learn our language.

    But we have this social structure, that is not allowing us to use the word Kamu just like that. With older people, we won't use kamu, even though it is generic in Europe and Western world, but not here. In Java, especially Central Java and Special Region of Yogyakarta, doing so is incredibly offensive. Even with people in our same age, we don't use kamu. We use it to people that we really know, and people who is younger than us.

    Anda can be accepted, which is the formal way of saying Kamu. But we usually use some kind of "third person" subject. Like when we're asking an old man / older person which way to the cinema:

    Bapak, kemana jalan menuju bioskop? Sir, which way to the cinema?

    Mas (Javanese word that is adopted to Indonesian, means older brother), kemana jalan menuju bioskop? (Older) Brother, which way to the cinema?

    Even with younger man, sometimes for politeness we refer to you as Mas or Mbak (sister). This is a common practice in East and Central Java. In Jakarta you could be more egalitarian like European, but you better be polite, eh?

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