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  5. "आज रात चाँद कहाँ है?"

"आज रात चाँद कहाँ है?"

Translation:Where is the moon tonight?

September 8, 2019



so is it a mistake or why does the lady pronounce चाँद as chand, as opposed to just nasalizing the "a" and no "n"? is it optional? are both correct?


Both pronunciations are in use (depending on regional dialect). The standard pronunciation is nasalising the 'a'.

Also, चाँद comes from the Sanskrit चंद्र - 'chandra' (where the 'n' is pronounced). A Hindi synonym of चाँद which comes from the same root is चंद्रमा (where the 'n' is pronounced). So, you can imagine how a lot of people just end up pronouncing चाँद with the 'n'.
A similar thing happens with दाँत which comes from the Sanskrit दंत. Newly coined Hindi words like दंतमंजन (dantmañjan) - 'toothpaste' are derived from the Sanskrit word and have a nasal consonant.


Why is the को in the रात को ommited?


Good question. The को is often omitted with the phrases आज रात, कल रात etc but not when used on its own.

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