What is wrong here?

I'm doing Name level 4 and since level 3 I get this: I have translate: My name is Li Hua, what's your name? I enter: 我叫李华,你叫什么名字?

Sometimes '我叫李华' is correct, but sometimes it's '我名字叫李华' when I have to translate the same thing. Not something else like translate 'Call me [insert name]' or 'I am [insert name]'. It's really confusing and annoying, because I lose my correct answer streak of that lesson a lot. I can't see when I have to apply which type of translation since the sentence I have to translate are the same and the 'Lightbulb' icon of that lesson doesn't tell me either.

Also, when I have to translate: 'What's your name?' I enter: '你叫什么?' it's correct, but when I enter '你叫什么名字?' it's not. 你叫什么名字?is correct when I have to translate: What is your name? (so not what's).

But later when I have to translate the same sentence: ' What's your name?' I type '你叫什么?' but after it's is correct it will show '你叫什么名字?' as alternative correct answer. Which contradicts why it didn't counted that as correct before.

September 8, 2019, 9:06 PM


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