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Hint pages on mobile?

I'd like to thank all the people working to put together the Latin course for this platform! I'm a little ways in and enjoying it thoroughly so far, but I've only just realized that the "hint" pages with explanations of vocabulary and grammar are available within this course, because they were not appearing on the mobile application. I've found them remarkably helpful and would love if they could become available next to the practice button, as they are in Spanish. If there is a reason this will not be implemented, or if it is simply due to the course still being in progress, I'd love to know!

September 8, 2019



The Tips on mobile are in a different format (behind the scenes) than the Tips on web. Duolingo has ported the Tips for staff-made courses, but has not made the conversion tools available to volunteers and volunteer-made courses.

Conclusion: you won’t see Latin Tips on mobile.


WOW I have no idea what most of that means but thanks for some real info!!!!


On some of my languages I don't get ANY hint pages on mobile, on some I get less or different ones. And the LATIN is only in BETA so....


@SusanRankin, which are the languages on which you get mobile tips, but “less or different ones.”


They are available even for your mobile phone. In the mobile web browser. BTW, one can also do the testouts in the web browser without any limitations. No strange lingot payments.

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