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  5. "I would like olives."

"I would like olives."

Translation:Olivas velim.

September 8, 2019



Again, classical Latin does not use the subjunctive in this way. Volo should be the correct verb here. Independent uses of the subjunctive do not show politeness.


Thanks for bringing this point up, MagistraKate. I think DL Latin is making up a way of saying something in Latin based on a misunderstanding of the subjunctive from some modern Romance languages where it can be used on its own for polite requests (the key is "on its own" but I don't want to use caps because they can convey shouting). The examples given in defense of this construction are notably not subjunctive on its own. Having said that, it's possible that the subjunctive was used in this way on the street forum or at a taverna. Unfortunately, we have no evidence. Since DL Latin introduces people to Latin, it does a service and as the students advance they will understand that evidence for spoken Latin idiom is limited. DL Latin is filling in a knowledge gap here.


Why not 'olivae'?


Olivae is the nominative. In this exercise, the olives are the direct object (accusative), that I would like.


I wondered that too.


YEah, I'm looking for a verb that ends in 'O'

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