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  5. "Where do your sons sleep?"

"Where do your sons sleep?"

Translation:Ubi dormiunt filii tui?

September 8, 2019



"Filii tui ubi dormiunt?" must be accepted as valid answer by Duolingo.


Ubi? • [ What purposeful emphasis places the aspect in question word, [ Ubi ], later in the clause? • The word denoting the aspect in question being placed first or early in a clause is common syntax ]

Your Sons are sleeping where? • Exclamatory Interrogative

Where are your sons sleeping? • [ The sleeping location of your sons is where? ] • Ubi dormiunt?

Where are your sons, sleeping? • [ where sleep occurs is secondary to where the sons are, regardless of their activity ]


why is "Ubi filii tui dormiunt" incorrect?


I can't see anything wrong with that.

If that wasn't accepted, then report it I suppose.


What does ubi mean?


Ubi means 'where' as in where something is located (opposed to where something is going to, or where something is from).


Latin's heavily inflected morphology means there's significant latitude when it comes to word order and this should be accommodated accordingly with a sufficiently wide range of acceptable answers.


The guy who voices filii is pronouncing it wrong. It's supposed to be fee-lee-ee not fill-ee-ee

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