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I don't know

how could I type Chinese Words here by the way nice to meet you , everyone!

September 9, 2019



首先呢,你需要学会拼音。汉子是由拼音拼读的。知道这个字怎么读 你才会打出来。 First of all, you need to learn pinyin.Man is by the pinyin spelling.Know how to read this child you will play out. Learn from each other to add my contact way, I'm learning English QQ: 497803328 Wechat: 13552512587 Email: jinlong.liu1991@qq.com


I'm learning English as well and some simple Chinese. Pls add friend me. Greetings from Vietnam.


It's easy. Go to setting languages feature on your phone and pick up the desired languages. It would either be available on your phone or download from the support site. 很高兴认识你!


Thank you. I used this app on the computer.


You could try to look for the guildline on Internet. GG will guide you step by step, it's also easy actually. Good luck! "How to type Chinese in Window 10 or whatever your OS is"

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