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"Plurimas pupas colligere solet."

Translation:He usually collects very many dolls.

September 9, 2019



I assume that 'dolls' is a synonym for something on the lines of action figures or something like that. Otherwise, that is just a little weird. Not overly weird, just a little.


Why isn't many accepted as an answer instead of very many?


Slightly different meaning. Plurimas is the superlative of multas, therefore "very many" is the most correct translation.


This sentence feels strange. I understand that the latin grammar is correct, but in English, the act of collecting "very many" of anything doesn't correlate well with "usually." Is it different in Latin?


I had the same feeling; it is perhaps due to an idea of trying to correlate solet with "usually," but the Latin is perfectly fine, and it would probably be better translated as "(S)he has the custom of collecting a great many dolls."


You mean as the large number of dolls must be the result of the collecting activity throughout his life? Thus as a completed action? This sentence seems to stress that the collection activity is recurrent, and the harvest is often very good (put 'apples' instead of 'dolls')

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