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  5. "I have a white scarf."

"I have a white scarf."

Translation:عِنْدي وِشاح أَبْيَض.

September 9, 2019



Again..still confuse when to use abyaD and when to use baiDa

September 9, 2019


There is a difference: أَبْيَض /abyaD/ is masculine and بَيْضاء /bayDa/ is feminine.

Here, the adjective white describes the noun scarf. On the other hand, one should know that scarf = وِشاح is masculine in Arabic. Therfore, you have to use the word أَبْيَض

September 9, 2019


Did Duo give us a list of the different words for m&f colors? I don't think I saw it.

October 8, 2019
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