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  5. "He is your son, Rosa."

"He is your son, Rosa."

Translation:هُوَّ ابْنِك يا روزا.

September 9, 2019



"He is your son, Rosa" (she is told after waking up from a 20-year coma) - this is like watching a soap opera.


هُوَ ابنُكِ


Which is correct: 'ibnik' or 'ibnak'? And why? Both are suggested as a translation.


Lets remember that in arab there is a "male you" and a "female you", like He and She. So, If I am talking with a man, their possessions will be called "ibnak". If I'm talking with a woman, their possessions will be called "ibnik"


And the correct one is neither of them. It's supposed to be ابْنُك /ibnuk/ because it's a predicate, so it's in nominative case.


On Duolingo -ik is used when the "you" person is a female, -ak when the "you" person is a male.
So we get: هُوَّ ابْنِك يا روزا
but: هُوَّ ابْنَك يا بوب


Frankly , the correct one should be ( ibnoke ) if you talk with female And ( ibnoka ) if you talk with male

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