"I have received a pair of them."

Translation:Ne ho ricevute un paio.

April 20, 2013



Please, can you tell me why it is "ricevutE"?

April 20, 2013


Because "pair of them" in this case are of female gender in plural (something like "the two shirt / Le due maglie" )

Ho ricevuto le due maglie. // Ne ho ricevute un paio.

April 20, 2013


I'm not sure though, if we're translating from the English then there's no way to know whether the arbitrary "them" is masculine or feminine. Besides, "un paio" is itself masculine singular, which led me to believe that "ricevuto" ought to be correct.

April 23, 2013


I guess it's because "ne" replaces something plural (un paio [di something plural]), so the participle has to agree with whatever its replacing. But like you say, there's no way of telling whether it's masculine or feminine.

Persona 1: Hai ricevuto un paio di libri?

Persona 2: Sì, ne ho ricevuti un paio.

1: Anche hai ricevuto un paio di maglie?

2: Sì, pure ne ho ricevute un paio.

April 25, 2013


There is currently an error; depending on the gender of the noun you are referring to, "ricevuti" or "ricevute" could be correct.

May 5, 2013


Ne ho ricevuto un paio is accepted. If I understand above comments correctly this should be an error?

January 17, 2019


That's what I used. My reasoning was "paio" is masculine. "I have received a pair (of them)." Accepted 3.20.19. Good question.

March 20, 2019


wh do I need to use NE at the beginning of this sentence?

March 11, 2019


What is ne

March 29, 2019


"of them"

May 4, 2019


Just to add a complication the word pair in English is singular, despite being a collecting noun. Hmmm.

May 30, 2019


Why is "Ne ho ricevutO un paio" also accepted?

June 9, 2019
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