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Unwanted balloons

I was translating the page about Eduardo Pérez Pujol. Because his name included an accented character, I copied it and pasted it into my translation, but then a magic balloon appeared with part of his name inside it, in front of my translation, obscuring my text, and nothing I could do would make it go away. When I eventually hit Enter, (thinking to insert a line-feed so I could see what I was typing) the software decided I wanted it to mark my incomplete translation, which, of course, I didn't. Anybody know how I get rid of this, should it happen again?

July 24, 2012



I'm not sure I've had that exact problem, but when the translation box goes wonky I can usually fix it by scrolling until it's off the screen and then scrolling back. (I use Chrome on a Mac, by the way, so it might be different for your browser.)


Thank you. Scrolling didn't work, but this time hitting the Delete and then Rubout keys did, so it's clearly possible! btw I love the Pre-Cambrian name (is it called a tag or something?)


I've had a similar issue; one way to get rid of this is to click another sentence to translate, then return to the one you were working on. You'll notice DuoLingo retains your unfinished translations as long as you don't leave the page.

NB: I also find it annoying that your (unfinished) translation is evaluated when you accidentally press Enter.

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