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Being able to add my own words

I would really like to add some different vocab to the stuff we learn in Duolingo. I have been thinking about this for a while. I really think it's necessary to supplement the vocab given in the standard Duolingo lessons. So why not add it in to this program somehow? For example, I am up to the second 'keyhole' (sizes in the Spanish module) but I still can't speak to my friend in my real-world Spanish class. I don't know the words for "I don't understand" or "talk/write/can/can't/use/sit". And I'm frustrated to still not understand even a few past tense words like "I studied yesterday" or "It was hot" when doing language-exchanges. Or even future tense, "Thankyou! I will study that!" I'm sure other people are learning Spanish for their own different reasons and also need ways of editting the modules of vocab that Duolingo presents.

My proposal: We are able to add our own words to the practice area. Obviously we would need limitations (if you add 100 words, it's all gonna get too difficult and you may stop using the practice module). Perhaps 10 words. Then once they are mastered, you could replace each of those 10 words.

Another issue would be that Duolingo would need to change it's sample sentences to allow insertion of these new words correctly. Either Duolingo could do that, or when we add the new words in, people practicing in the 'immersion' section could be asked "please make a new sentence using this word and then write the sentences' translation". That sentence then could be added to the user's practice area.

that's my thoughts for now. What do you guys think? What does the Duolingo team think? I'd really appreciate a section like this so I'm kinda hopeful! :)

April 20, 2013



Thank you for your suggestions. You're right that it would be nice to be able to adjust your vocabulary based on your personal interests. You might be interested to hear that staff members are actually thinking of a way to allow community members to add content: http://duolingo.com/#/comment/328574 If you come up with any more suggestions, feel free to share them.


oh goody! thankyou! I hope they see my suggestion too then :)


Hey, I really like this idea of adding my own vocabulary. That could be especially helpful if you are interested in a certain topic that might not be of common interest for everyone to study too much in detail. Maybe adding a limited amount of words in the practice area, as you suggested, would be a cool first step. :)


+1 agree. Is this feature going to be implemented?

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