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Latin Is A Great Language To Learn

Latin may not be used in any country in the modern era, but preserving the history and using it to understand how other languages were designed is quite important to me. I had an argument with my family about how I was wasting my time with my desire to learn Latin. I just feel like i'm not the only one who agrees that learning anything doesn't have to be practical, it can be purely for a desire to understand modern language and enjoying older languages as well.

September 9, 2019



If you are interested in history, especially the middle ages, Latin is extremely useful. I really wish I knew more. Some historiographers do not even to bother to translate Latin quotations, it is just assumed everybody interested in the subject understands it.


Learning Latin allows you to read Latin literature in the original language.


"Latin may not be used in any country in the modern era" To be fair, Vatican is officially a country.

"I just feel like i'm not the only one who agrees that learning anything doesn't have to be practical" Maybe I'm just over-exposed to the internet, but that is sounding like a pernicious trolling. Latin is very practical actually... I'll not even stress the reasons here, go discover for yourself.


Sure they mostly speak Italian ? but could be wrong.


That's not the point, being small as it is - and inside Italy, for sure you'll find people speaking Italian there in every square meter... but Latin also is their official language, so it pretty much counts.


Pope Benedict announced his resignation in a speech delivered entirely in Latin. No one really noticed - even some cardinals missed that. Luckily a handful of journalists understood him and broke the news. So if you consider to work for the Vatican press corps, Latin may come handy https://www.huffpost.com/entry/giovanna-chirri-pope-benedict_n_2662975?guccounter=1&guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbS8&guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAD2fFF5qtdwMuGpu0eEhvL72c9en1F5rMWnaJBLwLBvRhZiTVYtsdznRDW82-nDeIDbrzEBvsYJQitgVlH0ft5NhRcAKee9mG5LHpZMCNNgtGkjcrLlnvXG4prLoPNDCmxiUPX9bSvGwFAVIUCjxEuRZVyxdLuw2TgLfskE8Tvnj


Great comment Robert, I've forgot about that moment. And congrats for the 999 days. haha


They are, indeed. Whether they are in the modern era is debatable, though. ;)


The official language of Vatican City, the state, is Italian.

The Roman Catholic Diocese for the same area, however, has Latin as its official language. But that's not a country.


Want to learn some thing really not useful there are the fantasy languages Klingon and the one from Game of Thrones. I just which some of the lessons actually covered famous Latin saying from Ancient Rome and Science. "Maybe they do?"

Latin is fine .... it is interesting and that is enough for me. I also study romance languages and Latin is the base.


Latin is also a great language if you would like to better understand the history of the romance languages. It is fascinating to see how each one branched off in it's own direction from the original Latin.


Absolutely agree. It's always great to learn new things just for the adventure of it. And I think Latin could also be looked at as very practical if you really want to understand grammar, history, Romance languages, get insights into the foundation of western civ, give your mind a great workout, create a window into a culture that's a strange reflection of our own, etc., etc. It makes me sad and frustrated that our society has such an unimaginative idea about Latin.


Latin is a useful resource for studying the Romance languages, but it is also useful for learning the English vocabulary. Surprisingly, Latin could be useful for German and Greek studies as well because of the similarities in grammatics.


I just discovered the Latin course. This is going to be fun. I've been studying Welsh for 2 yrs. Not exactly useful. I do not live in Wales or UK. It's just fun.


I got myself to learn Roman Catholic Latin Hymns.


Latin (Latinas) is a great language for people like me (A.K.A. history and mythology geeks). I really want to learn the entire language (linguas/lingua IDR), and I also had an argument with my sisters (sorores) about the usefulness of Latin in the Modern Era, and I think Latin is a very useful language. If you want to know why, check the comments.

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