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  5. "My father likes that."

"My father likes that."

Translation:Meinem Vater gefällt das.

April 20, 2013



Hmm, is there any particular preference to the word order here:

"Das gefällt meinem Vater" OR "Meinem Vater gefällt das"

[deactivated user]

    Either is fine.


    Why 'meinem'?! Isn't Vater the nominative in this sentence?!

    [deactivated user]


      As Christian already said, "meinem Vater" is in the dative. Easiest way to remember is don't think of the sentence as "My father likes this" but rather "this pleases my father." In that context Das Gefallt Meinem Vater makes a lot more sense I think.


      Not so much about the German line but more so the English.. With the standard English answer of "My father likes this." Father is the subject, correct? Whereas in German, it might be literally translated as "This pleases my father"v(like you said) making This the subject, correct? So.. in English, Subject and Indirect Object changes based on the word order?

      I get in German that the cases affect this since Word Order is much more fluid. Just trying to get my brain to recognize English and German Grammar differences.. which is terrible because I did poorly in English class.


      What about Das mag mein Vater?


      Can we use mag? "Mein vater mag das." DL acceptd it, but now looking at the correct sentence in the discussion, Meinem Vater gefällt das., seems better/more natural.

      [deactivated user]

        Either is fine.

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