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"The tired women buy food in the forum."

Translation:Feminae fessae in foro cibum emunt.

September 9, 2019



Why not cibos? "Feminae fessae in foro cibos emunt." Food can also mean many food (plurual)


Native English speaker here, and I have to disagree; I'd never say "many food." "Many foods," though, would mean "many different types of food," so that's a different sentence.

And now that I've typed out food and foods this many times the word has lost all meaning. Fooood.


yes, we would not say "many food," but we would say a lot of food or a bunch of food or just plain food to mean a lot of food, so I agree that cibos should be accepted here.


Cibos (plural) would me more like "meals", "dishes", according to my dictionary understanding.

Cibos libo (plural) = I taste dishes. (not food).
Translated this way in the dictionary.

But it seems that sometimes, the distinction is hard to make between food and meals, and both singular and plural seem used for "food".


Why not in forum?


in + accusative case implies motion towards ("into the forum"). If your verb doesn't involve moving from one place to another, chances are good that you're just hanging out there (in + ablative case).


"Feminae fessae cibum in foro emunt" was not accepted.

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