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Anyone like to learn Latin?

Does anyone else feel latin should be in the incubator. It's dead but still used a lot.

June 18, 2014



I love the Latin language so much. I've been studying it for the past ten years, and if it's ever added to the incubator, I'm definitely going to apply as a contributor.


You can apply before it's added, and if you know it very well and have time, I would suggest doing so. The more good applications they receive the higher the chance of it being added. Personally, I would love this course. Good luck!


Thanks! :) As I just said to ColbyStein, I didn't know it was possible to apply for languages other than the ones listed. But now I do, and I just submitted my applications. :)


Have a lingot as a thank you for applying. I love Latin and tried to learn it a few times, but never got past the simple present tense.


Apply now, and you may well be involved in creating it from scratch!


Until now, I wasn't aware that it was possible to apply for courses that have yet to be added to the incubator. Thanks! :)

Update: I just applied for English to Latin and German to Latin. :)


I really hope that something will come out of your effort. I would really like to learn Latin, take a lingot.


Yeah, I'm all for Latin. In many places it's still something you have to study at school, and having it on Duolingo would be very useful for those students, and of course everyone else who wants to learn/refresh their memory.


The year of Latin that I took in high school [ancient history ;)) ] has been a big help with my current study of Spanish.

I need to get my Spanish nailed down but I would be interested in picking up Latin again when I get thru Spanish.


If it 'should be in the incubator' there will be people volunteering to work on it, since the incubator, as I understand it, is not driven by demand, but willing hands. Not sure how Duo would benefit, though. Not a great demand for internet articles in Latin these days. And I don't think there are very many mottos in Latin that are younger than a few centuries. ;)


actually, it is the bane of a classicist's existence to get phone calls from complete strangers who want something on their wedding band, on a mug, t-shirt, tattoo in Latin.. So instead they could upload it to DuoLingo. Nothing says "I love you" like the exact same thing in a language you don't actually understand..


Right now, the incubator is driven by a mixture of demand and willing hands.

The incubator is relatively new, and they're steadily working to improve it. They're gradually increasing the number of teams they have working on creating courses as they become more confident that the incubator is working well and they can keep up with supporting those teams.


It would be great for Duo to offer it.

And https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3389099


Of course I'd love to learn Latin here on duolingo- another conversation about it came up recently https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3389099

Great, rich language- closer to the original Indo Europeans- maybe someday we can fully reconstructed an learn that but Latin would do just nicely :)

So many centuries of knowledge, if Hebrew can be resurrected as a spoken language then Latin definitely can!!!


i would love to learn latin, so please add it here.


Latin would be so cool to know. I really want to learn to be able to speak the language of a people who are now gone - that just seems fascinating to me. Plus it's great for learning Romance languages.


I'm not really sure if it's possible because of the sheer complexity of the grammar and the completely flexible word order.


I'm sure it'll be fine. There are plenty of languages out there that have special challenges for a system like this. Latin is at least in the same general language family as a lot of the languages Duolingo already supports. Imagine how worrying it must have been to try to figure out how best to support the Asian languages.


Latin is not all that difficult and complex. Actually, it's the most logical language I know with very little exceptions - everything just makes sense! Once you grasp the basics, Latin's all pleasure. I would even say that it's easier than Polish, which is a little messed up ^^" (I'm a native)


I'm not really too keen on Latin, but I certainly think that it should be in the Incubator.


I would love to see Latin in there. My current plan is to work my way (slowly!) through the French tree before I start any other languages, but I might change that to add in Latin if they added it to Duo. :o)


Euge! I applied to help if needed a few months ago. I think Latin would be a great fit for Duolingo. The biggest challenges would be the super-flexible word order (and programming every possible variation), the lack of native speakers and scarcity of references for conversational Latin -- though there are communities where Latin is spoken as a living language by modern people. I think that there would have to be some kind of consensus on what pronunciation and vocabulary lists to use, and how deep to go with the grammar. It wouldn't replace formal grammatical study, but it would be a nice supplement to it, and it might open up the language to those who would never be able to study it otherwise.


While it's true there aren't great numbers of Latinists out there (at least by comparison with the popular modern languages Duolingo usually teaches), it would be quite easy to drum up support through something like the Liverpool Classics List (http://www.lsoft.com/scripts/wl.exe?SL1=CLASSICISTS&H=LISTSERV.LIV.AC.UK) to which most professional Classicists in the world and quite a large number of school teachers belong. And I know that my university (Oxford) would be very interested in something like this as an outreach tool, because teaching the languages, or at least getting students confident enough to persevere with them, is the big challenge, both in terms of attracting students to apply and then making sure they have good undergrad experience.


I do! A friend told me that if I learn Latin I might understand English better. Happy learning! -Spaceowl42


Please add latin.


Latin is a class that I am offered, and while I am taking spanish, it's proven that people who take Latin score higher on SATs and such. I'm also interested in the roots of modern language. Go Latin!


YES! Latin is the loveliest language, certainly helps with other languages too :)


I would love to learn Latin, it is one of the three languages I want to be able to speak, the other two are Spanish and Japanese. I already know a few latin words but it would be amazing to learn the language


me i want to.!!! along with elvish


Latin would indeed be really useful, for students learning it at school to people willing to read the original texts from their favorite Latin writers. I had a teacher who considered it as a live language and who used it a lot in everyday life (chatting casually in Latin with other teachers). It was really interesting for me, but I wonder how we could add the "speaking" part. It would mean making some choices (such as the Latin used as a base, because it’s a language that has been used during a long time and that has evolved a lot: Latin from Cæsar’s time was not the same as, for instance, the Late Latin). The good point is that we have some serious information about the pronunciation and accent of classical Latin, so we could really speak it.

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