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"In bibliotheca tacite legere possumus."

Translation:We are able to read quietly in the library.

September 9, 2019



"We are able to quietly read in the library." is marked wrong. I believe it should be accepted.


Strunk and White (among others) don't think you should be able to "split" an infinitive by putting an adverb (or other material) between "to" and the verb. I'm with you though; I think it's fine.


There is nothing wrong with your sentence, it just does not sound grammatically correct. It is like saying we are able loudly speak in the library. It just does not sound quitd right.


2019-10-22 How do we know tacite is an adverb and not an adjective (modifying bibliotheca)?


I do not think it matchs bibliotheca in case or gender if tacite was used an an adjective.


Because "tacite" is an adverb (=invariable, never declined),
and the adjective is "tacitus".

Probably "Biblioteca tacita" a quiet library, or a secret library (something that we don't talk about is one the meanings)

I don't know which meaning would be the right one, maybe it's context-dependent.

I wasn't sure we could use "tacitus" about innert things, but I've found "tacitae exceptiones" in the Gaffiot, so it seems ok.


"We can read quietly at the library." The sentence is marked as wrong.


Same. "Can" is accepted in other phrases.


What's wrong with: "At the library we can read quietly"?


Sounds like the lamest suggestion for a first date.


Shouldn't the correct translation be: We are able to read in the quiet library?


Tacitē is an adverb. If it was to be used to describe the library you would need to use tacitā.


We can read was labeled wrong

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