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"We would be in command of the house."

Translation:Wer würde über die Summe verfügen?

April 20, 2013



I have a question which, I am afraid, is very silly. I still have not understood when I have to use "wuerden + infinitive" or the subjunctive form of the verb. For example "we would be in command of the house" is translated as "wir wuerden ueber das Haus verfuegen". Could I translate it as "wir verfuegen (present subjunctive) ueber das Haus" or as "wir verfuegten (past subjunctive) ueber das Haus"?


It's pretty much a matter of style. You could say 'wir verfügten über das Haus' but that sounds a bit stilted in a normal conversation. 'Wir würden über das Haus verfügen' is better here, ÍMHO. BTW: this question isn't 'silly' at all.


How about: "wir würden den Befehl über das Haus haben." ?


How in the world is "Haus" in the nominative case? I was thinking the dative case (after all, in this case über takes the dative) which would make it dem Haus. But it's not even the accusative form den! What's going on here?

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