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"Soll man jeden Tag das Bett machen?"

Translation:Should one make the bed every day?

April 20, 2013



When you utilize 'man', can it be translated as 'you' ? Like, this phrase : Should 'you' make the bed every day?


Yes, "man" is 'one' and in colloquial English 'you' often replaces 'one' in sentences such as the above. The proper translation is 'Should one make the bed every day?', but 'Should you make the bed every day?' should be accepted as long as one realizes that this 'you' does not actually refer to a person you are currently talking to, but acts as 'one'. I hope that made sense.


Note that the German "man" doesn't sound as stilted as the English "one". In most cases, "you" is a more natural translation of "man". Unless you're the Queen, that is.


Is it not better to say "your bed" instead of "the bed", if I choose the "you" translation of "man" ?

Thx !


Why "jeden" here instead of "jeder"?


Times in German without a preposition take the accusative case without being direct objects. This link has some more examples if you're interested (scroll down to "Some rules for adverbial time phrases"): http://www.dartmouth.edu/~german/Grammatik/Zeit/Time.html


Wow, really helpful! Thank you very much!


what "make the bed " really mean? creat the bed, or clear the bed?


to make your bed is to fix the bed linens/pillows/covers so that it looks the way it did before you slept in it. i.e. to organize it.

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