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Reading Projects at School, how can I create one?

Hello guys, hope you're doing well

I've just started to use Duo for Schools and I'm dreaming about introducing a reading project as well in the NGO where I work and Duolingo stories may be a good tool to start.

I'm just in the beginning, so I'd like to know if you have had an experience with projects related to this, and what were the things that succeed and those that failed.

I'm really into developing my classes to be more active-learning, but any insight is really welcome.

September 9, 2019



Hi, ErikSilva, I love Duolingo Stories. My first question is, Do all your students have computer access? If so, you might consider using Duolingo stories as homework, and have them send you a screenshot of the "You just completed the story!" screen. Save the class time for other conversational activities where the students are interacting with each other.

If you just want the students to read in class, or they don't have internet access at home, get a class set of mini-whiteboards. Project the story on the board, and whenever there is a comprehension question, have the students answer it and hold up their whiteboards. (mini-whiteboards are the best investment I ever made; they let me formative assess constantly, while providing scaffolding at different levels for the students.)

Moderator DaKanga is working on collecting and creating a bunch of games to go along with Duolingo Stories. Later in the day, when I am at my work computer where the information is, I will link you to her discussion on Good Morning, unless she beats me to it first. I played a card game with my students Friday that we discussed there, and the students loved it so much that they want to complicate the game.

Since the stories are in script form, it's also fun to act them out.

I often have the students draw a scene and label it.

I also have the students write extra lines, change a line, add a character, play mad libs, change one word consistently throughout the story... There's a lot of fun stuff you can do. DaKanga is collating a list for us; stay tuned.

And of course, as you come up with games, please post them here.


Here's DaKanga's great discussion and hard work on "Bonjour!" ("Good Morning!")


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