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  5. "Who is Stephanus?"

"Who is Stephanus?"

Translation:Quis est Stephanus?

September 10, 2019



What is the difference between "es" and "est"


Both are present tense forms of the verb esse (to be, to exist).

es is the second person singular form. "You are" when talking to a single person.

est is the third person singular form. Means "he/she/it is".


Moopish, do you mean when talking "to" a single person or talking "about" a single person?


I meant 'to' but of course you could be taking about someone using the second person if it is directed at them.

The second person ('you' in English, tu and vos in Latin) is really like the audience of the first person ('I' and 'we' in English, ego and nos in Latin) who is the speaker or the writer.


Es is are and est is is


DL is very generous to call my blatantly wrong answer a typo. Not complaining lol! but I shouldn't have gotten away with "quid es Marcus?"


Yes, and you should report it as "My Answer Should Not Have Been Accepted" as accepting blatantly wrong answers as typos isn't going to help us learn anything.


I got this question wrong because of order, but latin doesn't care about order, but the case of the word


Same. Unless question words go first unless they are being emphasized? I feel like in that case, the course should say something to that effect.


Qūīs est Stephānūs?


i meant 'Stephanus.' I got the name right, just nothing else lol

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