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"Do you like vegetables and fruits?"

Translation:Makemake ʻoe i ka lau ʻai a me ka hua ʻai?

September 10, 2019



Remind me why the"i" is needed again? I know there is a rule I just can't remember how its utilized.


It marks the object (in opposition to the subject) ^^


Makemake ʻoe i nā lau ʻai a me nā hua ʻai?

was accepted with a note that I had a typo. was underlined. I don't view it as a typo. I wanted to see if it would be accepted.


3/25/21- "nā" was accepted for me this time, and not marked as a typo. Last time I tried it for this same sentence, it was marked as a typo.

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