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  5. "बुधवार और गुरुवार"

"बुधवार और गुरुवार"

Translation:Wednesday and Thursday

September 10, 2019



Fun fact: बुधवार comes from बुध which is Hindi for Mercury, by using Greek astrology, similarly like the names of the day of the week in Latin languages (e.g. miércoles is Wednesday in Spanish). गुरुवार comes from गुरु, meaning teacher, because the god Jupiter was a teacher in Indian methology. (Thursday is jueves in Spanish.)


Natives do not use वार at the end of the day's name everytime while speaking, we sometimes just say:
मैं शनि को दिल्ली से जाऊंगी, सोम को बनारस से निकाल कर, शुक्र को ग्वालियर पहुंचूंगी।

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