Is there a way to assign 'stories' to classroom students so that their progress is sent to me?

September 10, 2019


No, unfortunately. I have the students send me a screenshot of their "You completed the story!" screen. There are many of us hoping that someday we can see their progress and give assignments in stories.

I have 4 questions typed out on a half piece of paper with questions from the story but different from the ones asked in the stories. My students turn these papers in for a homework check off. Works well but would love to see the stories linked to the Duolingo Classroom.

I should mention that a bunch of us in the Educator's Network are working on ways to support Stories in our classrooms. We will post everything in these forums once they are ready. But Ellen, if you have questions you want to add, that would be great! You can post them here, or you can join the Educator's Network and help us make great resources to support Stories!

Hope to see you there!

That's my question too! I love the Duolingo stories!

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