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Adding a family member to start duo lingo using the same computer

How do we restart duo lingo for another family member for the same language but at a very different skill level and on the same computer?

June 19, 2014



That's not possible. Currently, you can't have shared accounts on Duolingo. You'll need to create separate accounts and sign in and out.


How do we create a separate account on the same computer? Thanks for responding.


What I found works well is to use two different browsers. I.e. if one of you uses Firefox and the other uses Chrome, it works fine, and you can both be logged in. Any two will do - IE, Opera, etc. The same works with Facebook, etc.


Another solution for Chrome users:
Go to Settings in Chrome -Click the three bars right of the web address bar and go to settings
Scroll down to Users and select Add new user
Create a new user (make sure to have 'create a new desktop icon' selected
(You don't need to 'Set up Chrome)
Go to www,duolingo.com and create a new user account
Now one user can use the 'First-user' account and another can use the new account.

This way you can still use one browser and not have to worry about logging in and out all the time.


We have four family members wanting to learn the same language, at different levels. I can't seem to create separate accounts using the same email address. Has there been any progress on this? Cheers.

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