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"Gegebenenfalls müssen wir mit dem Auto gehen."

Translation:Maybe we have to go by car.

April 20, 2013


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In German you cannot say "go by car". The correct sentence should read "Falls nötig (gegebenenfalls) müssen wir mit dem Auto fahren".


Please use the feedback button to report this stuff. It doesn't help much to mention it in the discussion fora.

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Yes, I know. But the "old" feedback button, which now is called "support" has been changed to "technical support" in some languages (for example in Spanish) , suggesting to me that "language problems" should be included in the "report a problem" section. I do this regularly, but Duolingo´s response is, shall we say, rather limited. So I thought why not give other users a chance to see it in the language stream .


what is wrong with?

if necessary we must go with the car

This was the last (the 20th) sentence in this lesson, and I just lost my last heart because of this, now I have to start this lesson all over again. Very frustarting indeed.

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English uses certain prepositions with the verb "go", whereas German uses different ones; Examples if you use some means of transport it is BY; therefoe you go BY car (mit dem Auto fahren), you go BY train (mit dem Zug fahren), but, now here comes the exception: you go ON foot (zu Fuß gehen) To avoid frustration you have to learn them by heart, sorry :-(

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