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"How many sisters does Corinna have?"

Translation:Quot sorores habet Corinna?

September 10, 2019



what aboit: "Quot Corinna habet sorores" How many sisters does Corinna have?


Why is Corinna at the end?


So, I understand my error but I'm curious about alternatives to the accepted answer.

My submission was: "Quot multae sorores habet Corinna?" Would "Quot" mean "How many" which makes "multae" unnecesary in my submission?

Also, Im accustomed to seeing S-O-V form in most latin sentences. Yet, the structure of the question is different. Could the following be acceptable in Latin?

"Quot sorores Corinna habet?", where we leave the verb at the end, are the general rule for Latin grammar structure for question different than the general S-O-V rule?

Anyhow, I think it's amazing Duolingo offers Latin as a choice. It's a rich language which I always wanted to learn in school but never was offered anywhere. Thakn you Duolingo!


Quot means itself 'how many' so we don't use multae here.

The order quot sorores Corinna habet? should be fine as far as I know.


Awesome! Thank you for your advice, I appreciate it!

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