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  5. "¿Harás comida hoy?"

"¿Harás comida hoy?"

Translation:Will you make food today?

April 20, 2013



How about "will you cook today"? Was rejected...


Probably because you dropped the direct object. I guess if you leave that off you could be asking if they are cooking meth or something.


Haras comida=made food. Cocinaras= cook


Still not accepted 12/2017


I put 'Are you going to make food today?' which seems to me to be a pretty accurate American English equivalent of the answer they were looking for. Any reason it shouldn't work?


i did the same. should work, i agree.


cook without the direct object implies food. If you are cooking carrots or a meal (or meth) and want someone to know that, you would need the direct object.


I notice that our friends on the Spanish side don't seem to think there's anything wrong with the Spanish sentence.



I love that you posted that!


I make a meal, I do not make food, the farmer does that. I also think to do a meal is correct, at least better than making food.


I would avoid both "make food" (even when referring to a farmer) and "do a meal" as they both are unnatural in American English.


I'm seeing more awkward translations in these higher levels. It's probably tough sometimes to figure out what the preferred translation should be and which ones are close enough. Sometimes I'll hear or read something in Spanish and understand it perfectly, but when I cast it into English, everything is either awkward or inadequate. BTW, it offered "cook" as the 3rd hover-over suggestion.


my spanish teacher, native speaker from puerto rice by the way, said that you do not "hacer comida" in spanish, you "preparar comida"


Anyone else misread this sentence as, "¿Habrás comida hoy?"

No? Just me, then?



I put "Are you going to fix food today?" wouldn't take it. You can make lunch or dinner, even supper. Maybe you'd make bread. 'Better translation would be "Are you going to cook today?" I'll try it next time, but I guessing it won't take it.


Only Americans 'fix' food! The rest of us don't think it's broken!


ah, but you fix your hair! is your hair broken?!


Again preparar is a better verb for this, not hacer


Isn't this sentence referring to the afternoon meal "Comida" for which the best english word I can think of would be 'lunch'?


Comida typically just means food almuerzo is lunch


In the north of spain ´comida´means ´lunch´by american standards, and almuerzo is a snack. Comida is also food but it depends on the context


What dialect are you speaking for? I assure you that in Mexico they refer to their dinner-sized mid-afternoon meal as "comida." I don't believe it's eaten every day. Maybe at work when they take a lunch break, it's a lighter meal like we eat in the US and then they would refer to it as "almuerzo." Can anyone shed some light on this?


It accepted lunch


Up until the last two or three lessons I have lost a heart every time I translated "comida" as "food" and I still do not know why. Nor do I know why it is suddenly acceptable, even desirable to say "food" all of a sudden. So I have no clue as to when I must use "meal" and when I must use "food."


Is "Are you making food today" ok?


Sincerely it's not necessary to say cook food. You can perfectly ask the question as "Will you cook today?"


I like to eat food too.


I agree with everyone else... why say "cook food?" We don't say that, and the Spanish translation IS referring to food (they use a different verb for drugs...)


'Do' was available as an alternative, which I used in preference to 'make'. 'Will you do food today' seemed a more natural way of asking the question but it was marked wrong :(


Duo expects us to learn less than literal Spanish sentences, but doesn't recognize English ones. In English, we would never say "Will you make food today" nor would we say, "will you cook food today". Other than the wonderfully sarcastic example of cooking meth, cooking implies food. In the US, I only hear (and say), "Will you cook today".


What verb is this?


Will you prepare "lonche" today? LOL

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