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  5. "اَلْيَوْم يَوْم طَويل."

"اَلْيَوْم يَوْم طَويل."

Translation:Today is a long day.

September 10, 2019



I wonder how would one say "The day is a long day". Can it be an alternative answer to this exercise? Because that was my answer and it was marked wrong.


In Arabic, you cannot just say "the day"; it's literally impossible. You can say "this/that day", "the beautiful/important/first/... day" or "the day of smth", but not just "the day"


Sorry but you are completely wrong it is related to the maarefe ve nakare in arabic if you know it


Yes, I know. Arabic is my native language. The problem is that when you say just اليوم (without anything), that means today automatically. However, you can say

  • This day = هذا اليوم
  • That day = ذلك اليوم
  • The first day = اليوم الأول
  • The day of the war = يوم الحرب ...


Okay got it. Thanks to both replies by Sana551195 and AmineHadji1.


Dear you cannot say the day because yaum ha al at the first and it is allyaum so it is reffered to a specific day in arabic any time "al" is added to a noun it is maarefe and it is reffered to a particular thing


Rafay_au, it is because they use "2al-yaum(a)" اليومَ as ظرف زمان (according to some scholar) but they omit the ending sound (like Arabs on their daily basis nowadays). But, how about if it is "2al-yaum(u)" اليومُ as المبتدأ? :))


Will 'today' and 'the day' both be written as اليوم؟

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