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"How much money for the school supplies?"

Translation:ʻEhia kālā no nā lako kula?

September 11, 2019



When is "no" and "o" used for "for?"


“O” is for o-Class possession. Conceivably there might be English usages that confuse the two, but I think the difference is usually pretty straightforward.

About a/o: https://hawaiian-grammar.org/current/#h.lcxbmqnx2d57

About no: https://hawaiian-grammar.org/current/#h.hpxmkcwikede-5

It might help to think of the words as an arrow: “a/o” are like an arrow pointing left, while “no” is like an arrow pointing right. At least, that’s how my pea-brain pictures them. :-)

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