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"هَل تَسْكُنين في بَيْت قَريب مِن اَلْبَحْر يا جودي؟"

Translation:Do you live in a house close to the sea, Judy?

September 11, 2019



I wrote this exactly. This is the second one in this particular exercise. Are you introducing the use of commas?


In english you would normally say:

  1. A house by the sea.
  2. A house near the sea.
  3. A house beside the sea.

A house close to the sea is never said.


That's not true. Close to the sea is just fine. I, for example, live close to the sea, not by the sea or beside it. Close is a ways from the sea, not right on it.


Exactly. However it’s still grammatically correct.


How about near for close to synonyms in English


Yes, they are synonyms in American English at least. Not sure if Brit. Eng. uses them as such.

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