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  5. "Ubi tu habitas?"

"Ubi tu habitas?"

Translation:Where do you live?

September 11, 2019



What's the difference between habitas and habitasne?


Habitasne is only for questions without question words.

Habitasne...? =Do you live/reside...?


Nice try, Duo. ..But I feel like someone's watching already. No, 'SOMETHING'...


Would "ubi habitas tu" be acceptable? Some examples I have seen on here so far seem to imply that the verb can come early in a question.


I used the word reside instead of live. And it was marked wrong. But that doesn't seem to be correct?


Each variant of a translation needs to be added manually, so if you report this using "my answer should have been accepted", they'll (probably) add it. It takes some time to go through, though. I find it best to stick with what they've already used, if I can remember, and not get too exciting :)


Both 'ubi habitatis' and 'ubi tu habitas' have been shown to mean 'where do you live?'. What is the difference between the two? Are there particular situations where each of these are used?


Habitatis is used for second person, plural, while habitas is for second person, singular. 'Ubi habitatis' means 'Where do y'all live', while 'Ubi tu habitas' or just 'Ubi habitas' means 'Where do you live', when you refer to 1 person only. The 'tu' in this sentence means 'you' and in Latin in can be skipped as the verb is already conjugated and tells who the subject is.


be aware that English 'you' is used for both, singular (habitas) and plural (habitatis)


How can I find the pronunciations for church Latin versus this form of Latin?

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