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"Peter does not have to sleep."

Translation:पीटर को नहीं सोना।

September 11, 2019



Can the नहीं be at the end?


Yes. It places more emphasis on the negation. But in that case, the है is usually not omitted.
पीटर को सोना नहीं है।


I wrote पीटर को सोना नहीं। (- है wasn't an option) and was marked wrong.


could "पीटर को सोना नहीं करना" be correct?


करना is usually added to adjectives or nouns to make them into verbs. For example, बड़ा करना (to make bigger), प्यार करना (to love) etc.
Since सोना is already a verb, you don't add a करना to it.

Note: Another modern use of करना is that when inserting a borrowed English verb into Hindi, करना is added to make it conform to Hindi grammar rules. So, when speaking 'Hinglish', 'sleep करना' may be used instead of सोना. You may thus hear a sentence like पीटर को स्लीप नहीं करना।


I see, thanks for the insights. My family always speaks Sindhi with English mixed in, so I can understand why करना would be added alongside English words. Is it mainly because the verbs in English don't end with the ना like Hindi verbs do?


Yes. By making it a compound verb ending in ना, you can use tense forms like any other verb.
मैं स्लीप कर रहा था - I was sleeping
मैं स्लीप करता हूँ - I sleep
मैं स्लीप करूँगा - I will sleep

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