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  5. "Sero coquum excitamus."

"Sero coquum excitamus."

Translation:We wake the cook late.

September 11, 2019



Great. That means breakfast is late and the battle is started before we get there


Hi you're accepting one spelling mistake by word, which is OK, but the correct answer should be displayed... I put coqum or coquus and it just say OK. Other languages accept spelling mistakes but tell you even to mind the written accent marks like in Spanish or French or Portuguese. If it is because Latin is in beta version it's just fine, I couldn't have waited longer. What's the plan for the lessons' tree, will there be past and fuerte tenses, subjunctive et cetera or will the tree remain full of impious parrots drinking alcohol :p

Just joking, I really love this Latin course I hope you can develop further, but thank you very much really as for now it is great. Please someone tell me it's just beta and will be more complete as soon as you can... I know it's for free and I couldn't ask more.. But please..


I think "We awake the cook late." Should be accepted too.


"Too late we wake the cook" should also be accepted.


And, of course, waking the late cook would be a miracle.


Awake is incorrect as it implies waking oneself.

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