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"You do not have a coat, Judy."

Translation:لَيْسَ عِنْدِك مِعْطَف يا جودي.

September 11, 2019



The previous sentence was complimenting Judy on her nice coat... now she doesn't have one... did i just rob Judy for her coat? Before that we said she has no house... i think duolingo just made a story about how i made fun of a homeless woman named Judy and stole her pretty coat... (also.. I'm enjoying this course lol)


What does ليس mean?


It negates the following sentence.


Im still confused with the use "have" for male and female


Oh the excitement of such a shopping trip, 3 sentences following on from each other - 1 needs a blouse, 1 a skirt and 1 a coat ... its too much after repeated lockdowns with Covid - and I am not usually a shopper!

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