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"Post tertiam horam ad forum imus."

Translation:After the third hour we go to the forum.

September 11, 2019



I hear poster tiam.
Is the pronounciation right (= is it me, or the audio)


Is it the third hour after a determined event, or the third hour of a standard day time, like the third party meridiem (3 PM)? Is a Roman hour one of sixty minutes?


The Roman day was divided between 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. So in the summer, daylight hours were longer than they were in the winter, and the reverse was true for the night hours (it also meant that hours were different lengths in different parts of the empire). Counting hours started from dawn and then again at dusk, so this is the third hour after dawn (or dusk).


It would be approximately 9 AM by our way of reckoning time. Half way between dawn and astronomical noon.


I wonder what went wrong when I said "We go to the market after the third hour." Because it's unlikely to go to the market after the third hour?

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Oversight on the part of the volunteer course contributors. Next time, flag it and report "My answer should be accepted" and after a while they will add it to this prompt's database.


You got it. Thanks, sir/ma'am.


The audio is kind of flawed. The narrator forgets to pronounce the "P" as in "post."


This narrator is using a microphone dug up from the ruins in Pompeii.

Seriously, though, I feel lucky when I can understand hom say anything the first time.


In this (relatively) new audio, this man seems to say ad forum as if it was spelled ar forum. Foes /d/ become /r/ when it immediately precedes /f/? I don't know what the rule is.


I heard a feminine voice with the same /ar/ pronunciation, but I'm fairly sure that such a rule does not exist... It might be simply that the volunteers have some difficulty with certain phonemes occasionally.


I always thought that an accusative of time was represtive of an ongoing interval of time (ie During the third hour). I think this translation is more suited to an ablative of time.


It has to do with the preposition. 'post' is always used with an accusative. It's just something you have to learn along with the word.


am not accustomed to h being silent in latín.


Just a different order of the sentence that is correct And also market and forum are both good translations!


Why is forum accusative? Shouldn't it be dative?


No, AD never takes dative. It may take either accusative or ablative, the latter of which is identical in second-declension words like forum.

  • AD + ablative -> at a place (ad forum sumus "we are at the forum")
  • AD + accusative -> towards a place (ad forum imus "we go to the forum")

A few other prepositions have the same characteristic (notably in and, slightly differently, super.) In any case, in this phrase, since you are moving toward the forum, then it must be AD + accusative.


Why is we go to the forum after the third hour wrong?

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