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An educational feature worth asking for?

If I'm in one skill area and I make a mistake regarding another, the skill in which the mistake was made should be penalized.

For instance: while learning Predicative Adjectives (in German), I typed "unsere" instead of "unserer" (in part because the audio for the two words is identical, which is NOT helpful, but also) because my understanding of cases is incomplete and I probably should not be shown as having 'Mastered' that skill.

Now, 'unser' (and its derivative forms) is not a Predicate Adjective, and in fact, I got the adjective part of the sentence correct!

It seems to me that in that case, instead of slowing down my progress in Predicate Adjectives by reducing the number of points I get for it, that a mark should be put against what I actually did get wrong, so that I am encouraged (or even required) to go back and review that, rather than having to do more review of the skill I actually got right!

Discuss. If you agree, please let the developers know.

(I realize that this is probably not an easy feature to implement, but I do think it would be worthwhile to have and the more of us ask for it, the more likely they'll figure out a way to do it!)

July 24, 2012



I am working on french and I sometimes do the same thing often in similar situations. That would be a great feature to implement if the devs could get it to work.


Hadn't thought of it, but I completely agree.

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