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Changes on the PC Immersion are not user-friendly makes it impossible to properly use

I only use the pc version but it seems like you are putting the android version or something else onto the pc version ... It is most horrible and difficult to use .....It is not a pleasure .. it is not fun ..... this change is a backward move

June 19, 2014



You just got the version that some of us have been using for a couple of weeks now, Jack. It's definitely a change. I wouldn't call it good, but I wouldn't call it bad...It just is. Sorry you aren't happy with it. Have some lingots.


I am sure that there will a wail

Now I understand the past torrent of postings on the discussion board

now there will be more new wailing

the discussion board ...

Another new wall of wailing


Yep, this was it: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3235982, if you want to hear of the first wave (which seems to be a test or something).


cheers thanks ...


De nada y/et de rien. :)


It's changed for the iPad. I touched looks good, then it said I reported someone. Trying to reverse that! Oh, well, maybe that's why I got a downvote that didn't make sense;)


that was interesting hear

It is always good to hear what you think

all the best


Thanks, same to you. I'm finally trying to take on immersion so your perspective is appreciated. Some lingots for you:)


I did the lessons for a lot time before being confident enough to do them .... all the best and thank you for the Lingots


I agree. I cannot compare other users' translations either. The translation area needs an independent scroll bar.


I haven't noticed any difference....maybe as I only joined a couple weeks ago I got the new one and I simply don't know any better! was the last immersion pc version more user friendly? or maybe I have a horrible change coming my way.....


I am not quite sure ...

I might be in part of test group

For them to see how it works

now doubt they will tweak it a little

thank you for your comment


Screenshots in the topics like this could be helpful.


I do not know how to do screenshot .. but it is very difficult to use .. But I think they will tinker with it further on


I am frustrated and a little bit angry about the new version. What can we do to get the further version back? Neither the pc version nor the one on iPad could I call good. Scrolling back and forward to understand a meaning takes to much time and it's not possible to follow my friendly co-translators and discuss a better wording. DL: please let's switch back!

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