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Lost my streak freeze

My progress graph shows I have practiced every day this week but I seemed to have lost my streak freeze (no longer says equipped).

My seven day wager shows it is still active also

Is this a bug?

June 19, 2014

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You may have used your streak freeze and didn't realize it.
The chart you see on your computer is based off your local computer time, while the streak is based off of a 'global time'. With this, two questions come to mind:

Did you sign up for DL while in a different time zone? Whichever timezone you were in when you first signed up for DL is the timezone DL uses for determining midnight for your streak. I think (completely unconfirmed) you can tell what timezone DL has you in by right clicking the screen, clicking view page source and searching (ctrl f) for the word 'timezone'.

Is your computer time not properly synced with a global clock. Example, your cell phone says it is 1000, but your computer says it is 950. This could also cause a problem where your computer thinks (and gives you credit for) practicing before midnight, when you actually (based on the global time) you practiced after midnight.

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