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Issues with Student Advance

Hello everyone,

I created a Duolingo Class for my students some days ago. I sent the invitations and my students have joined my class.

So I sent an assignment for them (the Intro Unit of the English for Spanish speakers course). And while I can see the green tick indicating some of my students have finished the assignment, for others it appears as if they haven't done anything, even though they've opened their accounts and shown me their actual advance. At the same time, some students say they've received an email saying they've finished the assignment, but for others who have finished it as well, they haven't received anything.

I would like to know why is this happening, and ask if there is any solution. Maybe I am doing something wrong, so I kindly ask you to help me.


September 12, 2019



I have the same problem, I wrote to an e mail explaining this situation a few months ago, but I didnĀ“t receive a response. This week it was the same. Some students finished the assignments and in my account says that they didn't, but when we check their personal accounts they finished on time. Please, I need a solution.


Same issues here. It is happening with ALL of my students in ALL of my classes. I sent an email, but so far no response...


Has anyone heard anything? I have emailed them a few times about this and have not received any response. I have over 200 students and cannot look at each account. I need to be able to use the classroom progress. Why are we being ignored? This has been going on for over a month!


Same here! I have emailed twice in the past month and so has another teacher at my school. I was even thinking about trying to go pro on my account thinking it might help, but I can't find a way to do that. It doesn't show up in my shop.


Hi there.

Could you please write teachers@duolingo.com and provide the names of the students that this is occurring with? I'm happy to investigate.


Has there been any progress? This is making grading more difficult. It's not individual students, it's the whole class. Thanks


This has been happening to me, too! I've posted to the help site but received no response. Please advise.


There are a few of us who have reported this problem but we aren't getting an answer or any help. Please respond!


I have also been having the same problem with many of my students. They complete their assignments before the due dates, but on my side it doesn't show their progress. Please help!


Has there been any updates on class level updates? Thanks


This is happening in all of my classes. I submitted a bug report a month ago.


same here....this is getting frustrating. I don't have time to look at each student's device to verify that they have completed the assignment. I need to be able to rely on my duolingo classroom to report it properly.

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