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How good is the arabic pronunciation on duolingo?

Hi I've just started learning arabic and I use the IPA Help from Wikipedia to help me with the pronunciation. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help:IPA/Arabic) So I've noticed that on the IPA page the "aa" sound is described as an /a/ Sound, while in the Duolingo app it's pronounced more like an /æ/ Sound. Is that a mistake in the app or is it just a pronunciation from one of the many dialects of arabic? And if so, which dialect is it?

September 12, 2019



It's not the best for sure. I would use other resources to get the pronunciation of some of the words you're learning here, then once you can start to identify the differences and recognize the missing short vowels you'll know you're in a good spot.


it is awful - don't use Arabic course


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It's pretty bad. I wouldn't learn pronunciation from Duolingo, but the other parts of the course are okay.

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