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  5. "We compete at school."

"We compete at school."

Translation:Kami bersaing di sekolah.

September 12, 2019



Note: Saing means competitiveness. We know that adding the ber- prefix we convert it to a verb. In this case it becomes to compete. Cheers!


Duo says it's kita instead of kami for "we". nov2019

[deactivated user]

    why di instead of ke?


    di == in/at/on (static place) (there is no movement)

    ke => to (movement to a place)

    Saya di sekolah = I am at school
    Saya ke sekolah = I go to school

    [deactivated user]


      Whats the difference again between kita and kami?


      Kita: we with the listeners; kami: we without the listeners.. e.g: "we're going to the party, would you come with us?" "Kami mau ke pesta, kamu mau ikut?" and "You are not done with the task yet? We have to submit it tomorrow morning." "Kamu belum menyelesaikan tugasnya? Kita harus mengumpulkannya besok pagi." Hope you understand

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