Three hours on same ten words

I am absolutely bored with the same words now on level four and guess what: the same ten words again. This is absolute torture. Does anybody know how to get through this? Not only is it brutal, but the clock runs down while the problem loads and while i type or wait for the ipad keyboard to pop up. Moreover, the clock winds down while waiting for the sentence to be spoken. Thus, I cannot possibly answer as many questions and earn points fast enough to progress. Is this reparable, or should i look for another program that is friendlier?

5 years ago

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My reason for being here might be different than yours, what I feel I need is a teacher that will say the same sentence over and over without being bored or impatient. I am a lousey speler and a poor typist so I like being able to check my work before I enter it by having the teacher repeat it slowly word by word. Someday when I'm good enough I may use the timing feature--just for bragging rights.

5 years ago
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