"We are without water."

Translation:Siamo senz'acqua.

April 20, 2013

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I said "non abbiamo acqua" - we do not have water - wouldn't that be the same thing?


so it was senza + acqua and now it's senz'acqua right? sorry for dumb question, just making sure.. =P


Yes, you're correct. similar thing you have with "ottanta anni" (eighty years) that can be merged into "ottant'anni". I must point out that merged form is a bit more common. (somebody correct me if I'm mistaken)


In one sentence I get wrong when writing "senza olio" and afterwards it is wrong writing "senz' acqua". How to do it the right way???


I put 'stiamo senz'acqua' and that was correct! So in this case, essere and stare can both be used? I'm still confused about the two different verbs.

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