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  5. "È solo un bambino."

"È solo un bambino."

Translation:He is just a child.

June 19, 2014



What's wrong with It's only a baby? if you don't know the sex, this is actually more accurate in English.


We know the child is male. If it was a girl the Italian would be: È solo una bambina.

[deactivated user]

    "Il bambino" is a male baby or baby in general. Like "el nino" in Spanish - it can be a boy or just a child in general. In my opinion "It's only a baby" is correct.


    So how would you say 'It's only a baby'? As far as I can tell, it's the same translation...


    Why not "it's only a child"?


    it is only a baby sounds right to me too.


    The hint says only or just.. either should count. DL is very ridged in their robot algorhythms


    I understand the gender of the baby is enclosed in the Italian. However, how can you say 'It's just a child' in Italian? In some situations (when you don't know the gender) this is more accurate in English.


    So how would one say "it is only a child" in Italian. As far as I can see it would be said just the same.


    He is only and he is just are pretty much identical in meaning in English. Solo in Italian actually means only, so I think my translation is more accurate.

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    Could we say, "He's only a kid"? Or is there another word for that in Italian?

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