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"Your telephone is there, Bob."

Translation:هاتِفَك هُناك يا بوب.

September 12, 2019




(1) It should be "haatifuka" (Arabic fuSHa/standard grammar). "fa" ف in haatif should be with Damma.

(2) "haatifak" (in the sentence above) is a slang/dialect.


It's interesting to see for me that I changed the order of the first two words and my answer was accepted, but with a correction "typo" (how can it be typo, if I work from word bank...? Like this: changing the order of words), so my question is:

Is it really so important to keep the English order of words also in Arabic or actually would it be something different also in English how I wrote or so how can order of words be a typo...? Is it okay, but not perfect?

Pls help me clear this!



I hope I have understood your question correctly.


هناك هاتفُكَ

"hunaaka haatifuka" means "there is your phone".


هناك هاتفُكَ

"There is your phone".

هاتفُكَ هناك

"Your phone is there".

Both are the same. In English "There is your phone" is commonly used while in Arabic هاتفُكَ هناك is commonly used.

Is it your question?


Basically yes, thank you! BTW I can't see tips on the app, but now I just checked on the PC and I saw that it touched this problem too.



Tips can be saw by opening Duolingo site via the web browser app in your phone! :))

Note: The tips in Duolingo also mix standard grammar and some slangs/dialects. But, my explanation above is based on the standard grammar.

You're welcome, it's my pleasure :))


So should I delete my normal Duolingo app to have a special app to see the tips too, because otherwise it wouldn't work in both or just keep even two DL apps on my phone? I can open Duolingo on my phone in any browser too, but if I touch the learning part, it opens the app even from browser.

Why is it so complicated? Why Should I have two apps instead of one? What's the logic behind this?

Btw in some languages and even there only in some skills I do see tips even in the normal app, so it's strange why not in all the skills and why not every language that I can see on PC...



No, you don't have to uninstall the app. I, myself, use both app and web browser in one phone. How we do that? When you want to tap some DL menu in web browser app, hold the symbol until the list option in your web browser is popped up. Then, click "open in new tab". By this way, you will not back to the DL app but you can open the menu in another page within your web browser. If you just click the symbol directly, it will return to the app.

Another solution: you may use two separated phones. One for your DL app and one for web browser.

I hope it helps.



Thank you very much! Really! I gave you a lingot for your last answer! (Somehow I couldn't reply there...)


You're welcome! :)) And thank you so much for the lingot! I really appreciate it.

Nb: This site has limited the number of "reply" in the "discussion" section. But, sometimes you can see the "reply" option just after you posted a comment. (^^)

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