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Latin Course and use of Gregorian Chants.

Recently, I've noticed the Latin course being added to the selection of languages on Duolingo. I'd higly reccomend using Gregorian Chants as a resource for course creation. I know various latin phrases and words from the Latin I've learned from Gregorian Chant. The pronunciations can vary, but most people prefer a more italian approach to pronunciation. A british approach to the pronunciation of Latin sounds most unpleasant to non-romantic language speakers.

September 12, 2019



Thanks for the tip! I grew up with the video games series called Halo (still is incredibly close to my heart). The soundtrack composer used a gregorian mens' choir for the main theme, which gives these games incredibly present, mysterious, and almost indescribeable atmosphere and feeling. I still get the same vibes whenever I hear gregorian chants in general, and I really appreciate that kind of art.


Ever since I dabbled in the Latin course, my brain has washed up a Mediaeval Baebes CD that I haven't listened to in at least 15 years and I find myself singing "Gaudete" as I wander around the house, complete with horribly inaccurate English diphthongs. :D


I remember that! Go dey tey chriiistus est natus. Ex maria virgini? Something along those lines

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