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"Practice Skill" for some skills goes to homepage instead of practice?

In my German skill tree, whenever I click on "Adj: Dative" or "Adj: Genitive" and then click "Practice Skill," it doesn't actually take me to the normal screen which asks whether I want a timed practice or a normal one. Instead, it just immediately redirects to the homepage. I'm not sure if the same thing happens for any other skills. What's going on?

April 20, 2013



I've seen this happen in Portuguese too.

I suspect it happens when there is a problem connecting to the web site behind the scenes. I haven't been able to repeat it reliably.


That's what I thought at first too, but mine consistently does this. Since yesterday, I've tried multiple times with both of the skills I mentioned before (as recently as about a minute ago) and it still doesn't work. However it still works fine for other skills. I guess I'll just have to hope it sorts itself out soon.


Practice skills is not working on Prepositions in Brazilian Portuguese.


It is for me at the moment. Have you seen the problem before?


Practice skills for Prepositions in Brazilian Portuguese is also not working for me


I don't know if this makes a difference, but I just noticed the address bar while this error happens (I guess I never watched it before. First, it seems fine and makes sense given that near the end the URL says something about the skill and then "practice," but after that it just changes directly to duolingo.com and that's it. I thought I'd post this in case it was important in some way to someone who understands computers/websites behind the scenes better than I do. ;)


Same thing with French.

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